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Asylum is an independent nondenominational registered charity, made up of a small group of Alternative people aiming to bring Christ’s love and acceptance to the Alternative community. 

But before you rush away in horror…we are NOT religious. We’re Christ centred, spiritual, open minded and respectful of everyone’s beliefs.

We know many Alternative people have been hurt by negative attitudes of some Christians. So, we’re trying to undo some of that damage (but we too make mistakes as we’re human!)
We’ve no interest in judging people or forcing anything down anyone’s throats.

There’s no preaching at Asylum. Instead we have discussions that everyone can join in with and ask questions, share thoughts and contribute.
Everyone has different views on all sorts of subjects, so it makes for very interesting discussions, even when we agree to disagree on some things,.

Asylum is a family where everyone is accepted and respected, whether you are straight or LGBT+,  follow Christ or not (we’ve had pagans, atheists, satanists etc. pop in) drink alcohol or are teetotal, EVERYONE IS VERY WELCOME.

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As well as our trustees, Asylum is run by a dedicated crew of volunteers who help out.

Contact us if you’d like to get involved.


We believe Jesus Christ  is God, the Creator
of the Universe and He is love. 

We believe in the one God, of God the Father,
God the Son andGod the Holy Spirit.

We believe we’re part of God’s family.

We believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God
and he died on the cross and rose again.

We believe God longs to have
a personal friendship with us.

We believe God forgives us when we mess up
if we ask him to.

We believe God has our best interests at heart.

We believe Jesus accepts us and wants to be
part of wherever we arein our journey with him .


To bring the love and acceptance of Christ to Alternative people from the various
underground subcultures in London.

We have a weekly Sunday fellowship.
A bible study every other Sunday.
A monthly worship and praise time.

Sundays from 3.30pm on Zoom & sometimes physically at St Giles Vestry

Next physical meeting: Sunday 9th October 2022

The fellowship is for Alternative people and 
those who either don’t fit in to conventional church,
or want to know about Jesus.

Nobody preaches, instead different people facilitate discussions each week about subjects about  everything from BDSM to depression, to the Holy Spirit.
We explore spirituality, offer support,  prayer and a listening ear. 

At our praise party On the 3rd Sunday we hang out together and explore different styles of worship that everyone brings. Music, poetry, art, psalms, etc. And we share communion too.

No one is obligated to do or say anything.

To join us physically, go to St. Giles vestry. (2 mins from Tottenham Court Rd station.)
St Giles in the Fields church, 60 St. Giles High St. London, WC2H 8LG

Please check we’ll be there BEFORE you come!

To join us on Zoom
Please use this link: https://us04web.zoom.us/j/9917743643   
Or you can use the meeting ID: 991 774 3643

  Tips to help avoid potential Zoom glitches…

 1. Please try to sit near your internet modem/router, for a stronger connection.

2. When connecting to Zoom, select “Join With Computer Audio” so you’re heard.

3. If you still can’t hear anyone, or have other problems, try using another device. 

4. If using a mobile phone, PLEASE avoid moving it around. The smallest sound 
    is amplified by your phone microphone and is distracting to the group.

5. If you have alot of background noise, please mute yourself and then unmute
   when you speak.

6. Please use headphones to avoid echo /feedback to the rest of the zoom group.

7. Please raise your hand before speaking so we avoid talking over each other.


Asylum - Important News

Hi all, I have some important news.

Firstly, I am very excited that Asylum will be starting a new online discipleship group, which will use a different Zoom room from the main Asylum fellowship. This is the first time that Asylum has expanded in this way, and it will help Asylum reach even more people. I’ll keep you posted when it’s starting. 

Secondly, Asylum has a favour to ask. Can you donate £1 each month? 

As you know, Asylum exists to share Christ’s love with the Alternative community.  We use donations to run our fellowship, club nights etc and to help people in need. Usually, we’ve had enough to cover this, due to the generosity of a few key supporters. But lately, our finances have become strained with the lowest amount in our bank account for years, and we’ve had to start cutting back on the work we do. 

We just need enough to get back on a stronger financial footing. So, if you can give £1 every month (or more if you’d like to!) please use our PayPal link: 


If you’d like to donate via a different method, just let us know.

Also, if you’re a UK taxpayer please contact us about Gift Aid. It increases your donation to a charity by 25% at no cost to you! 

Thanks so much for taking the time to read this! 

Take care

From Martin Brown 
Asylum trustee

The club is temporarily closed as we're taking a break for a few months

Our monthly club nights are unique, as resident Asylum DJ’s only play a selection of the best Punk, Metal, Goth, Industrial etc, by artists who are followers of Christ.
Some you may know…Alice Cooper, Evanescence, Bless The Fall. Skillet, Megadeth, Cell Dweller,  Wasp, Type 0 Negative, Papa Roach, Eva O, P.O.D.
And others you may not.. Demon Hunter, Voxis, Awakening,  Circle Of Dust,
Headnoise, Icon For Hire. Nerve etc.

Entry is free along with free Fairtrade chocolate!  If you’re especially hungry, Garlic & Shots serve a great selection of food.

We’re a friendly bunch at Asylum, we don’t bite ( Unless you want us to! ) so if you’re new, make sure to say “Hi” to one of the crew (easily found  wearing a crew badge) and we’ll make sure you get a special welcome!

Asylum's Crypt Club 2017

If you'd like more info, or you'd like to volunteer with us, then get in touch!

Please also contact us if you have any concerns or would like to see our safeguarding and/ or complaints policies.

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Musicians Discuss Their Walk With Jesus

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Type O Negative’s Peter Steele



Pantera’s ‘Vulgar Display of Power’ Photographer Brad Guice

A mini documentry about Christian Black Metal

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